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We asked participants what they thought about EmTech Hong Kong. Here’s what they had to say about the event:


“EmTech Hong Kong is like no other tech meetings that I have ever attended, with breadth, depth and lots of fun.”
Justin Chuang, Vice President and Group Director, Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI)


“One of the best events in Hong Kong where I can make connection with high quality international speakers as well as high quality participants.”
Emil Chan, Chairman, The Association of Cloud and Mobile Computing Professionals (ACMCP)


“I enjoyed the meeting very much. It’s a very strong program. I was able to reconnect with many MIT friends, established new contacts, and exchange thoughts about current trends. I would again welcome an opportunity to support such a program by MIT.”
Gerald Wong, CEO, Cambridge Industries Group


“Emtech HK is definitely one of the best tech conferences in Greater China, combining a unique mix of international thought leaders as well as from China to give a holistic perspective of innovation and technology in the region.”
Michael Sung, Adjunct Associate Professor, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


“EmTech Hong Kong featured in-depth discussions on technologies that are rapidly changing our lives - smart city, IoT, healthtech, fintech and robotics - and we have made some valuable connections at the conference.”
Edith Wong, Chief Marketing Officer, InvestHK


“Thanks to the organizers of the EmTech Hong Kong conference. I enjoyed the presentations by the distinguished speakers and also the interactions during the event.”
Weiping Huang, Chairman, Qingdao Hisense Broadband Multimedia Technologies


"EmTech was a very effective venue to get the latest update in key technology areas. I was delighted to meet with leaders and makers who are changing the World with their vision, ideas and new discoveries."
Louis Chong, President, MIT Club of Hong Kong


“The event looked generally quite well done; I felt like the blockchain panel particularly was high-quality and it was a good combination of people between business, regulators and tech.”
Vitalik Buterin, Cofounder, Ethereum Foundation


“I found the EmTech Hong Kong conference to be very exciting and cutting edge! I have made many valuable contacts with expertise in multiple fields.”
Dennis Lo, Director, Li Ka Shing Institute of Health Sciences, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


“It was great to see MIT and Emtech come to Hong Kong underscoring the links and the importance of Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta to innovation. But as important for me was the chance to learn more about innovation in Hong Kong especially in the life sciences!”
Fiona Murray, Associate Dean of Innovation, MIT Sloan School of Management


“I thought the event was very dynamic and always interesting. I felt very happy for Hong Kong to have hosted EmTech this year.”
Yasheng Huang, Associate Dean for International Programs and Action Learning, MIT Sloan School of Management


“Thanks for organizing such a wonderful event. I did make a number of interesting connections. Many of the talks, especially by those MIT’ers, are very refreshing to me. The work they are doing is innovative and inspiring. I hope such an event would come to Beijing in the near future.”
Kai Yu, Founder and Chief Executive, Horizon Robotics


“Presentations are excellent.”
Takao Maruyama, Managing Director, NEC Platform Technologies Hong Kong


“It's a successful one in the sense that it brings in the spirit and practice of MIT and the related innovators. In contrast, those, especially industrialists of start-ups’ in Hong Kong would think about innovations with a broader and solid base on the interests of the nature, people in needs other than the economy.”
Wong Pak Kin, Director of Advanced Tech Development, SAE Magnetics (Hong Kong) Limited


“Innovative. Bespoke.”
Angus Ho, Assistant General Manager, New World Development


“Absolutely brilliant, stimulating beyond belief!"
Joel Laykin, , Secretary General, Independent Power Producers Forum (IPPF)


“Good place to get updates and meet opportunities for Investment in Hong Kong.”
Winston Ling, Private Investor, Fully Strong Ltd


“A gathering of great minds with passion and curiosity.”
Ai Lin Chun, Senior Editor, Nature Nanotechnology


“EmTech is a very intriguing event. I learnt a lot about the emerging technologies and recent advancement trends. Would love to go to the second edition of EmTech Hong Kong next year!”
Edward Kan, Senior Engineer, Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI)


“A great event, forward thinking and enlightening ideas.”
Kenneth Chan, Assistant General Manager in Strategic Planning, New World Development


"Amazing intersections of concepts and ideas with visions of the future."
Quentin Parker, Professor, Head of Physics, University of Hong Kong


““The bombardments of ideas and emerging technologies are efficient and refreshing.”
Fanny Ho, Former Member of The Government of The Hong Kong SAR Central Policy Unit


“Great visualization of emerging technologies and practical applications.”
Tim Swanson, Director of Market Research, R3-CEV


“Join EmTech to know more about your future.”
Tak Chung Fu, Senior Lecturer, Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education


“It's an educational and exciting tech conference!”
Sinney Chan, Volunteer, EmTech Hong Kong


“I truly enjoyed the MIT Technology Review event in Hong Kong 2016. The innovation and entrepreneurial spirit was in all sessions!”
Andreas Kind, Head of Shanghai Lab, IBM Research - China


“EmTech Hong Kong -- Come as You Are, and Leave Inspired! The Speakers are world-class and many meaningful connections were made!”
Eugenia Wan, Founder and CEO, MissQT.com